Coffee Table with Storage

The Find

While wandering the alleys, I came across an old cheap ottoman. The pillow top was wrecked but the base was still in pretty good shape so I brought it home. My wife had recently purchased an outdoor couch and wanted a small coffee table, so before she bought more stuff I jumped on it! Using some found fence boards and the ottoman I had an idea.

The Build

I kicked this project off by finding out what exactly lurked inside. I was not expecting to find the green straps.

After cutting the straps, pulling a bunch of staples and cutting out a couple wood cross braces, I finally exposed the new storage space.


I moved onto the table top by building a simple frame and cutting the fence posts down to fit.

Once everything was all screwed together, I gave it a good sanding and painted the whole thing white with a dry brush.

The table top fit snuggly on top of the ottoman base making a perfect outside coffee table with storage.

What's AlleyLux?

AlleyLux is a passion project started by me, Mike Alonzo. I've always struggled with waste and even flirted with hoarding. There is just so much usable material discarded everyday, that I figured I would try and do something with it. I explore my neighborhood alleys liberating junk, or as I like to call it, potential, in an effort to give it new life.

If you're interested in getting an AlleyLux original or learning more drop me a message.

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