I'm Mike Alonzo.

Left-brain guided, right-brain driven, I’ve found my place in product development.

Quick-witted and blunt, there’s no wondering what’s on my mind. Don’t let the baby face fool you, I first cut my teeth in tech startups in the late 90’s, when the internet was delivered on CD-Rom and “getting mail” was the highlight of your day.

My background is in digital product development, user experience, and visual design. I love challenging entrepreneurs to apply purpose to their actions to maximize execution.

Personally, I’m a family man, making an effort to disconnect and enjoy the little things. Weird fact. I have congenital anosmia, which is just a fancy way to say, I can’t smell a darn thing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Wanna connect? I’m around. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

im@mikezo.com  /  (602) 326-4109

Current Projects


Founding Partner at User10, I spend the majority of my days helping people build stuff for the web. Custom websites, web apps, or digital product consulting, we take pride in finding the perfect solution for our clients, even if it’s not us at all.


Storybyte started as a User10 side project, but “quickly” became a fully functional mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play. With seed funding of $125,000, Storybyte continues to find an audience and share the stories that matter most, yours.


A weekend prototype, GiFmojo turned out to be an amazingly addicting app, automatically turning the photos already on your phone into hilarious animations. Featured in Product Hunt’s Rad Gif Apps collection, GiFmojo continues to create smiles.


StumbleUpon for greater Phoenix products, PHXMADE showcases digital and physical products that allows users to create profiles and mark themselves as contributors.


Started as a simple hashtag campaign, #yesphx is not an organization, but an unbiased platform for greater Phoenix entrepreneurs to connect, share, and celebrate one another.


I do what I’m told in support of this family venture. Handmade, interchangeable, knot headbands, Briabay is a fun and creative outlet for my mommy, daughter duo.