Hi. I'm Mike and I do. A lot.

I've been called a dreamer, tinkerer, devil’s advocate, generalist, and mentor. I learn by doing and lead by example. I’m interested in everything and passionate about potential. I'm why-driven, demanding excellence in my endevors, honesty in my approach, transparency in my choices, and candor in my communication. My drive to do has led me to a wide breadth of experiences and skills, serving me and those I work with well.

Don’t let the baby face fool you, I first cut my teeth in tech startups during the late 1900’s, when the internet was delivered on CD-Rom and “getting mail” was the highlight of your day.

My Current Doings

Bringing collaborative GenAI to teams at BoodleBox.

Using my hands to make and share 1001things.

Exploring new ideas at Sparkhaus.

Making playtime fashionable at Briabay.