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I have a good general knowledge of photography and videography with a lot of really nice equipment. But the sad truth is, I rarely use it. Without a really good purpose, it’s often just to much effort to get it all out.

BUT. I recently have discovered a mobile app called InShot. It’s the first video editing mobile app that I have really enjoyed. It’s very intuitive with just the right amount of standard features. It’s actually been liberating to have just a simple set of functionality to create with. I’ve gone from over analyzing every videography decision, to just making. I shoot with the camera I always have, currently the iPhone 6s. I quickly layout my edit with InShot. I select a song and any sound effects from their included audio library, which has proven to be excellent. Finally I export and upload.

The export quality isn’t terrible and is great for mobile viewing, which I get the vast majority of my views. Bottomline, I really enjoy the experience. I have spent real money on some upgrades. This is an awesome tool and I highly recommend you give it a try!


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