I'm Mike. I do a lotta different stuff.

A bit about me...

Quick-witted and blunt, there’s no wondering what’s on my mind. I'm a generalist, pretty good at a lot of things and eager to learn anything. I'm easily excitable by new ideas and their potential.

Chit-chat facts:

  • My dream is to own a warehouse where I can do dope stuff, with dope people while making a positive impact on the surrounding community. Dope huh!
  • I published and distributed a full-color print magazine. Unfortunately it was in early 2007, 15 minutes before print publications were declared dead.
  • I was a short lived professional foosball player. Yes professional foosball is a thing.
  • I have no sense of smell. Really. I even did a TEDx talk about it.
  • I'm a Rocky super fan. I even think Rocky V ain't that bad.

Professional History

I first cut my teeth in tech startups in the late 90’s, when the internet was delivered on CD-Rom and “getting mail” was the highlight of your day. My background is in digital product development, user experience, visual design and all around problem solving.

Vice President, Product
Ampsy (2016 - Present)

CDO (Chief "Do whatever he's told" Officer)
Briabay (2015 - Present)

Founding Partner
User10 (2011 - 2016)

Vice President, Customer Experience
SoChurch (2010 - 2011)

Product Manager + UX Architect
Go Daddy (2007 - 2010)

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